While some of Steve Scott’s books and publications might be  hard to track down, a few of them, including Like a House on Fire and Crying for a Vision are available on


512qlyadLCLLike a House on Fire: Renewal of the Arts in a Postmodern Culture  Essay collection on art, postmodernism and multiculturalism   Cornerstone Press, Chicago, IL. (reprinted 2003 Wipf and Stock, Eugene, Oregon)
The Boundaries. Vol 3: Out of Order (the Dutch/Belgium volume) Inertia Books, 1994, Kansas City, MO.
The Boundaries. Vol 2: The Saint Petersburg Fragments Cornerstone Press, Chicago, IL., Reprinted in 1996
Crying For A Vision. A book on the Arts  STRIDE Publications: United Kingdom. 1991, Reprinted 2005, A Living dog press, Washington
The Boundaries. Volume 1: Afterimages, Asian Sections, 1990
Ghost Dance, Monolith Books: United Kingdom, 1975


2013   “When Worlds Collide: The art of Claudia Alvarez” (online arts resource)
2012   “Working in the Gap”
2011   “The state of the arts” Radix Magazine, Summer Issue
2011   “Catching the Vision”, regarding public art by sculptor Esther Augsburger,
2009   “The Heart of the Matter” `Semi’ Fuller Student magazine, special artsweek Issue
2007   “Love will Tear us apart (again)” included in Voices of the Virtual World: Participative Technology and the Ecclesial Revolution’ Wikikklesia Press
2007   “One Heart, Three Worlds” RADIX magazine, Summer Issue
2001   “The Light by Which We See”  RADIX magazine, Spring Issue
2001   “To Whom It May Concern”   RADIX Magazine Spring issue and by SALON, an online arts magazine
SCAR1998   “When the Kissing had to stop: reflections on Bali” CIVA newsletter
1998   “Thanks for the Memory”   ARTYFACT(UK) March Issue
1997   “Who Has despised the day of small things?” Symbols and Reality, Traditional Media Newsletter New Zealand/India. Reprinted in FACE newsletter, California.
1996   “I’d walk a million miles for one of your smiles, Mona.” Prism Magazine, Summer Issue
1995   “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” Overground Newsletter
1994   “Am I Really Here, or is it only Art?” Umbrella Magazine, Spring Issue.
1992   “What is the Mystery?” Entire Vision magazine
“Small world, Hard Reality”  Entire Vision magazine, Fall Issue. Kansas.
“Artrageous”   Three essays included in the book. Published by Cornerstone Books, Chicago, IL.
“The current crisis in Modern Art: What’s in it For You?” Third Way Magazine, K. Summer Issue
“A Jar of Dead Flies: Cheap Grace and Lame Excuses in the Area of Christian Art”  True News magazine, April Issue
1991  “Cosmic Conflict”    Paper presented at the Bali Arts Conference. Subsequently published in the book, Voices at the Watering Places.
1990   “Signs and Wonders: The Poetry of David Jones.”  Radix Magazine, Summer Issue
1990   “The Forgotten Language”   An essay on Postmodern Art, and a report on the Bali Arts Conference, Published in the ACM Journal
1987   “Art, Mission and Incarnation”   Radix Magazine, Winter Issue
1985  “When Worlds Collide: The Novels of Shusaku Endo” Radix Magazine. Summer. Reprinted in Third Way Magazine, 1991
1984  “Figuratively Speaking: The Medieval Mystery Plays”  Radix Magazine, Spring Issue
1982   “Crying for a Vision: Modern Art and the Christian Artist” Radix Magazine, March/April Issue


In collaboration with artist, Gaylen Stewart, and titled: “Crossing the Boundaries.”
Grand Canyon University. Phoenix, AZ. Nov-Dec.
Biola University. Los Angeles, CA. Oct-Nov.
Gallery W. Sacramento, CA. Sept-Oct.
Artrageous. Cornerstone Festival. Bushnell, IL. July.
Southern Ohio Museum. Portsmouth, OH. May.
Triangle Gallery. Sinclair Community College. Dayton, OH. April.
Trumbull Art Gallery. Warren, OH. Feb-Mar.
The Esther Allen Greer Museum. Rio Grande University. Rio Grande, OH. Jan.