11063243_10152739560908364_803413120_nAs a songwriter, Steve Scott has had his songs covered by Larry Norman, the 77s and others. Since arriving in USA in the late seventies, Steve has recorded and released albums on a variety of small, independent record labels. There have been nine albums ranging from melodic rock through to experimental ambient music with spoken word.

ETCover1Emotional Tourist: A Retrospective (2012)
Arena Rock Recording Company
A retrospective sampler of music, songs and spoken word  from the other albums.

Crossing the Boundaries (1998)     
Spoken word over found sound(birdsong) and ambient loops—part of a mixed media collaboration with painter Gaylen Stewart.

ST5More than a Dream (1997)
Rad Rockers
Alternative versions of songs from earlier albums.

We Dreamed that We Were Strangers (1996)  
Glow Records/ Rad Rockers
Spoken word over ethnoambient soundloops. Poetry based in multivolume travel sequence, “The Boundaries.”

Empty Orchestra (1994)    
Twitch Records
Experimental ambient loop based instrumentals. Poems printed on sleeve for reader to try out against the loops (Empty Orchestra = Karaoke).

11073987_10152739559843364_1911376656_nThe Butterfly Effect (1992)     
Blonde Vinyl
First album of spoken word over ethno ambient sound loops.

MOMagnificent Obsession (1990)
Alternative Records
Produced by Charlie Peacock and featuring his talents on keyboard as well as Jimmy Abegg (Jimmy A), Bongo Bob Smith, and members of the 77’s: Mike Roe, Aaron Smith, and Mark Tootle. Album of new songs, alternative mixes, outtakes and live versions of other songs from previous s albums.

ST4Lost Horizon (1989)  
Alternative Records
This album was produced by Charlie Peacock, Steven Soles, and Mike Roe and features all three as additional musicians. Mainly new songs, but some tracks `radically’ remixed from`Love in the Western world’

ST1Love in the Western World (1983)
Exit Records
Steven Soles producer. First released collection of songs with one spoken word track (This Sad Music). In 2000, this album was re-released on CD via M8 records with bonus tracks.

Moving Pictures (unreleased 1981)
Producer Larry Norman with input from Mark Heard/Tom Howard. Some of the songs on this album found their way in `live’ versions, or radically different recorded versions, onto other albums such as `Magnificent Obsession’(1990) `More than a dream’(1997) and the re release of `Love in the Western world’ (2000)DSCN0200

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