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We want to see the arts restored to their rightful place in the church

We want to learn better ways of engaging, networking and empowering artists in different parts of the world.

We live in a world of digital connections and cultural diversity.

This is a world where the global church is dynamic and flourishing .CANA continues to build connections with the many artists at work in this growing church.

This is also a world where we engage with our own `cultural creatives.’

The arts are vital to enriching the expressive and reflective life of the church. The arts are also vital to helping the church fulfill its mission.

We envision empowering partnerships and shared learning. This is why we continue to engage with art makers in emerging economies and the `majority world’, as well our own emerging culture creators.

We have organized conferences in Thailand, Bali and Bulgaria, with participants from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and America. We have also partnered with local organizations and mounted international art exhibitions like `give us back our peaceful Bali’ in Ubud, Bali shortly after the 2005 terrorist bombing. More recently we partnered with organizations in the UK and helped organize some of the different `Run with the fire’ art exhibitions and events held in and around London, during the Olympic summer of 2012. You can learn more about `Run With The Fire’ by clicking here.     also here…. aaaand  here

We are planning our next conference for Cambodia. Please follow the link  to the `CANA Regional Initiatives’ Facebook page………but you can also contact me/learn more here